The first worship service of the Copper Hill Bible Fellowship was held on Sunday, December 23, 1984, in the garage of the home of Bob and Mary Harrison. Bob Harrison conducted a short worship service. Later in the week they met to discuss whether or not they agree to organize a formal fellowship, which will hopefully result in the founding of a new Bible believing, Bible teaching church.

In 1985, members looked over a piece of property that had an old sawmill shed on it before making a decision to buy. February 1985 the decision was to buy the sawmill property and name the church “Faith Chapel.”

Buddy and Dot Frei helped found Faith Chapel. They were a dedicated couple that helped Faith Chapel to grow physically and spiritually, rendering all their services that were needed. Buddy taught the adults and Dot taught the children and also played the piano during all of the services.

The first Easter Service was held on April 1985 with no electricity, just small oil heater and a gravel floor. There were just a few pews that were donated by a disbanded church on Dog Town Road and Pastor Bobby Jones of Word of Life Church of Danville, Virginia.

Thereafter, members of the church started a work day to work on the church. In October 1985, Buddy and Dot Frei left the church and Pastor Stephen Dye began in November 1985.

Our Church is still thriving today under the leadership of Pastor Warren Brown.