071Pastor Warren Brown grew up mainly in the Roanoke County area. His West Virginia parents were working class folks who raised three boys in the Roanoke Valley area. Their Christian mom would often pray and speak to them about their need to accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour. In the Summer of 1975, at the age of 12, while at a Pentecostal Holiness youth camp in Virginia, Pastor Brown asked Jesus Christ to forgive him of his sins and he became a Christian.

He married Vonda Bartlett of Salem on July 2, 1982. In his late 20’s God began to convict Pastor Brown of his lack of surrender to the Saviour with panic attacks. At the age of 27, Pastor knelt down by the old family Bible his mom gave him and surrendered control of his life to Jesus Christ. He and his wife began to attend Glenvar Baptist Church in Roanoke County. As they listened, learned and loved the work and the people of God at Glenvar, God called them to surrender to the ministry.

After selling their 10 acre farm in Salem, Pastor moved his wife and two daughters to Greenville South Carolina and enrolled in Bob Jones University. After graduating in May of 2003 from Bob Jones, Pastor served at a ministry in Bear Creek North Carolina before accepting the call to Pastor Faith Baptist Church in Check Virginia in December of 2005.

Pastor and Vonda have had three more children while Pastoring at Faith Baptist and living in Check.